A Funday Reward…

IMG_2686  Last month we had a Friday Funday with some of our Kindergardeners from the Club…the official start of any weekend ;).  Sheyla had promised a surprise to our oldest Kindergarden class at Club Esperanza because of their good behavior with their teacher Henriette.  So, we took them on a outing to the Golden Arches.  Sure, we know the food may not be the most healthy, but to be inside with A/C in a giant playground was a priceless moment for these cute little kiddos!  They were all smiles the entire time.  I am pretty certain, that the “Happy Meal” is one of the best inventions ever…food, a fun box, and a toy!  We really had a great time…thank you Jesus for fun times!

IMG_2669 IMG_2689

IMG_2691 IMG_2682

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