Technological Advancement…

Our friends at Austin Samaritans in Texas brought down a huge blessing for the Tutoring program at Club Esperanza during their last visit.  They were able to get a donation of 10 Dell Mini laptops that have been refurbished and programmed in Spanish.  What a HUGE blessing!

The world we live in is advancing technologically and we want to be able to offer our students the best chance to succeed in the world.  The deck is stacked against our kids already, but we want to bust past any barriers in their way!  These mini computers are going to be a huge part of that.  They are already on super high demand every afternoon at Club Esperanza. Our tutors jockey to be first in line to sign them out of the office for use in their classroom (I think the kids send them over first thing!).  In fact our internet can’t even keep up with all of them!  It is so great.

As we look towards the future one of the improvements we would like to make for Club Espernaza in 2016 is to complete a computer lab.  We actually have a small room that we can use.  We just need to do some remodeling to make it capable of being a computer lab….including electrical wiring, network system setup, installing desks and computer chairs, as well as Air Conditioning the space so the computers last.  Ideally we would put desktop computers in the lab, so that the mini computers can remain mobile but be checked out and used in classrooms.

There are exciting possibilities.  If you would like to help us with the Computer lab in any way, please email us at

 If you would like to make a donation, just follow this link and make a note on the check “Computer Lab”.  

God Bless and thanks for your continued support!


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