Extra Time: “¿Profe, que significa el bautismo?”

We want to take a few blog posts and share about our amazing staff at Club Esperanza and some of the Extra programs that they put together in their own free time.  “Extra Time”… going far above and beyond to affect the lives of our children and families at the Club.


“Teaching on Baptism” – Professor Roberto has also been a teacher since we had the school in La Chureca.  He has the added bonus of being married to Sheyla, our director!  Roberto has been receiving Seminary training this past year, hoping to grow deeper with the Lord personally.  He also has the desire to be able to reach his students spiritual needs on a deeper level.  So, when some of them started asking about Baptism and what it meant, Roberto took the opportunity to organize a Friday class where he could teach students about Baptism and what it means to be a Christian.  He had a group of young men join him and they dove in together.  They finished their first group of teaching last Friday.  Some of them are now really wanting to be baptized.  Please pray for God to give each one the perfect moment for their baptism!  Again…this is awesome!

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