How you can help in 2017…Tutoring Program

As 2017 kicks off we want to share some of the construction projects that we would like to accomplish this year.  In this series of blog posts we will share some specific projects with their specific costs…we hope you can help if you feel led!

The tutoring program is for our 1st – 6th grade students and is a huge ministry as we serve over 150 students every afternoon.  We only have three actual classrooms so some of our groups meet outside under temporary tents to have lunch, do their homework, and spend time with their tutor.

   We would like to build two permanent shelters similar to the one at Quinta Havilah (pictured to the left).  It would be perfect for the teaching time and give a great cover from all the elements.  The style is very pretty and the clay tile roof will keep it very cool.  The cost to build these “Ranchitos de Teja” would be $8,350 each.


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