“Juntos Para Inclusion”…Our “Together for Inclusion” program

Thank you to everyone who helped us to purchase the wheelchair for Don Julio.  He was very blessed to receive it.  We have some photos down below but wanted to share another story about one of our student’s needs.  Together we can keep making a difference in people’s lives in Nicaragua, here are some words from Sheyla about a little girl named Kathia (posted on our Facebook Page).

“Loving each other is what the Lord asks us to do. This is Kathia from our fifth grade school tutoring program. She is in recovery because she had surgery on her disabled arm to correct a birth defect. Now she needs a specialized splint for her arm to recover well, the cost is $ 140 dollars. You can be part of her and her family’s rehabilitation. Thank you for supporting and praying for Kathia!”

If you would like to help here is some info or click a familiar button below.

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Your continued prayers are very much appreciated for Don Julio.  We will continue to help him with his needs of Depends and Ensure.  He recently had another bout with illness and had to be hospitalized.  But his wheelchair continues to be a huge blessing towards his dignity and mobility…so thank you for that!  And please keep praying for Don Julio!!!