Computer Classes at Club Esperanza!

This fall we have Ethan down teaching computer skills to a select group of students from our fifth and sixth grade classes! Ethan is a recent graduate of Liberty University in Computer Science. His job allows him to work remotely so he asked if he could come to Nicaragua and volunteer at Club Esperanza…what a great idea!!!

He is going to work this fall to develop a curriculum to help our students develop basic knowledge of computers. As we all know the future is a future full of using computers for every type of job you can imagine. Ethan was even able to get five laptops donated and brought them down with him…hoping to bring more down in the Spring. So our little computer lab is up and running with a teacher that has legitimate credentials…so awesome!

The hope is to peak curiosity into the computer science world and then give the students the tools they need for future. Even the possibilities of helping our students learn to code and design games and websites by the end of their time together. Hopefully these first few weeks will be first steps in that direction!

Please keep Ethan in your prayers as he adjusts to a different culture and to teaching in a different language. And please pray for this great opportunity for our kiddos at Club Esperanza!


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