Freezer Fundraiser!

We sent out this photo of our old freezer from our feeding program at Club Esperanza a couple of weeks ago.  This freezer is a relic but has been an incredible warrior over the years…we have had it over a decade, since our school was in the dump!  We moved it over as the dump closed in 2013 and it has kept on trucking ever since.


But now its door is broken and the motor is burning out…cold air escapes all day!

It is time for a change.  We mentioned the need and got some immediate response last week.  Now we have a goal.  Yesterday we found a replacement that would help us to continue to serve the over 7,000 meals a month at Club Esperanza.

Our Goal is $985 

Lets get this new freezer out of the display room and into Club Esperanza!!!  The price above includes a five year full warranty, which is a huge necessity based on the amount of use we get out of it!

You can donate with paypal by clicking the button below or by check here.

Just make a note “Club Esperanza Freezer”

Donate with PayPal

Thank you mucho mucho mucho!!!

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