How you can help in 2017…Early childhood education

As 2017 kicks off we want to share some of the construction projects that we would like to accomplish this year.  In this series of blog posts we will share some specific projects with their specific costs…we hope you can help if you feel led!

Our early childhood education program provides an enormous blessing to the local community.  We do not charge for enrollment, but we expect parents to be involved and have a teaching staff that is top notch.  For families to have a place to bring their children everyday that is safe and of good quality lifts a big burden.  It is a joy to work with these little ones!

   You can see in the first photograph that one of our preschool classes meet inside the dining hall.  We need to place a retractable divider here.  Cost $1,110.

   We have two bathrooms that serve everyone and they are really beaten down from all of the use.  To remodel the bathrooms will cost $3,700.

   We have had the same wear on our classrooms.  One of the big needs, is to replace the doors with official classroom doors.  All three will cost $380.

   One of our classrooms also has a serious ventilation problem.  What we would like to do, is place a window on an interior wall for air flow.  Cost $350.

   Lastly our office is the central hub of the entire ministry.  We have parent meetings, accounting meetings, staff meetings, etc in this office and it is not big enough.  We plan to demolish an interior wall and expand the office space into an adjacent closet.  This will help with our growing needs.  Cost is $5,500.


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