How you can help in 2017…Feeding Program

As 2017 kicks off we want to share some of the construction projects that we would like to accomplish this year.  In this series of blog posts we will share some specific projects with their specific costs…we hope you can help if you feel led!

At Club Esperanza we feed over 300 people two times every day.  Our kitchen is something we are very proud of because we make a big effort to not only feed every child, but feed them well!  It is a hub of lots of activity!

   As you can see in the picture below, our kitchen has an open front that faces the main gathering area.  Because we also want to keep the kitchen very sanitary, it is important that we close the kitchen in on the front end.  We also need to add wooden cabinets for keeping order.  Cost to do both is $4,750.

   In the pictures to the side you can see some of the more particular needs that we have in the kitchen.  First our wash basin is the one that we have had since we were in La Chureca.  It has had a good life…a new one will cost $350.

   The next item that we have had since we were in La Chureca is the stove.  It too has had a great life and has helped to serve thousands of meals over the last decade.  A new one with two burners and a grill will cost $825.

   Lastly you see our outside kitchen where we cook beans and tortillas over firewood.  This stove puts out tons of smoke.  We don’t have a hood in the roof for smoke to escape…this costs $450.


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